Recap of the NSW Wrestling State Championship 2024

Published Fri 23 Feb 2024

Recap of the NSW Wrestling State Championship 2024

It is with great pleasure that we share the highlights from the NSW Wrestling State Championship, held on February 18, 2024, at the esteemed NCIE in Redfern. This year's event marked a significant milestone in our sporting calendar, drawing a record-breaking attendance of 140 dedicated wrestlers who participated in approximately 200 exhilarating matches, making it the largest state title event to date.

Sydney Wrestling Academy took home the gold (literally) for the top-performing team, clinching an impressive haul of 12 Gold, 14 Silver, and 4 Bronze medals. And let's give it up for their young guns too!  With 40 youth participants (aged 18 and under), SWA showcased some serious skills, proving they're not just future champs but present ones too. Talk about raising the bar. In a world where the mat is your canvas and the opponent, your masterpiece, it's clear that wrestling isn't just a sport—it's a community. And thanks to powerhouses like Sydney Wrestling Academy, that community is thriving like never before. We express our gratitude to SWA for creating a healthy environment for young athletes to thrive in.

Not to be outdone, Cortex MMA brought their A-game and their young athletes, snagging 6 gold medals, along with 3 silver and 3 bronze, thanks to great participation from the Mongolian community. This was a first competition for most of them and the competition was fierce, but they showed they could roll with the best of them.

Curious about who pinned who? Check out the full results of the competition here for all the details. And while the event wasn't recorded this time due to technical and staffing issues, we've got you covered with professional photos and videos on our social media accounts and website's photo gallery where you can see a lot of headlock, takedown, and victory dance :)

Here's to more sweat, more grit, and more epic showdowns on the mats. Until next time, keep grappling, folks!