Veterans Wrestling

NSW Wrestling: Veterans Division Championships 

Welcome to the exciting world of veteran wrestling at NSW Wrestling! Our annual championships bring together experienced wrestlers aged 34-70 for thrilling competition, camaraderie, and celebration of the sport.

2024 Results

Held in February 2024, the NSW Veterans Championships showcased the incredible talent and dedication of our veteran athletes. Let's take a look at the results:

Female Freestyle: 
-  68kg:  Jackie Hatting

Freestyle Men: 
-  66kg:  Willie Suwanto
-  70kg:  Ben Keany
-  74kg:  Ahmad Dorani
-  79kg:  Leonid Zaslavsky
-  86kg:  Kon Papaioannou
-  92kg:  Theo Tsakirakis
-  97kg:  Anirudha Saha

-  66kg:  Willie Suwanto
-  70kg:  Ben Keany
 - 79kg: Kon Papaioannou
-  86kg:  Theo Tsakirakis
-  97kg:  Anirudha Saha

Congratulations to all the competitors for their outstanding performances! These results reflect the dedication, skill, and passion of our veteran wrestlers. We commend each athlete for their hard work and determination in representing NSW Wrestling with honor and sportsmanship.

Join the Action! 

Are you inspired by the exhilarating competition at the NSW Veterans Championships? Whether you're a veteran wrestler looking to compete or a fan eager to support the sport, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with NSW Wrestling:

  • Compete:  Register for upcoming competitions and showcase your wrestling prowess on the mat.
  • Spectate:  Attend live events to cheer on your favorite athletes and witness the excitement firsthand.
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At NSW Wrestling, we're dedicated to fostering a vibrant and inclusive wrestling community. Join us in celebrating the passion and camaraderie of veteran wrestling, and be part of the action today!

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