U12 Competition Ruleset


Friendship, fun, fundamentals
Modified rules for Under 12 years of age


What are the U12 altered rulesets and why are we using them ?
We are trialing an altered competition ruleset for our youth (U12 age groups and below). This ruleset ensures that our youth get more time on the mat and wrestle for the full duration of the match. This is to give them more competition experience and create a more fun experience for them. This ruleset is commonly practiced in youth and school competitions overseas (parts of USA, Canada etc.). 

Rounds duration:
Under 8’s:           3 x 1 min rounds. 
Under 12’s:         1 x 2min + 2 x 1min rounds

Starting positions:
1st round:                       starts in standing.
2nd and 3rd rounds:     start in Par Terre alternate start position.

Modified rules:

  • Pin fall does not end competition.
    • If Pin is awarded, the referee gives 5 points to the wrestler and the contest restarts in standing position.
    • If scores are equal then most number of pins win bout 
  • No Superiority to end competition. (No winning by 10-points-difference)
  • No step out points.
  • No passivity.
  • All other rules and point scores still apply.
  • Our referees and competition staff will be guiding you on the day and answer any questions you may have.