NSW Wrestlers results from the Nationals

NSW wrestlers results from the 2014 National Youth Championships held at Footscray Melbourne 21st Sep


8-9       23kg      Lily DRYSDALE            Gold
10-11    38kg     Elena STOJCEVSKI    Gold
10-11    47kg     Holly DRYSDALE        Gold


6-7      26kg      Max DRYSDALE                   Gold
8-9      23kg      Zenon PATE                         Gold
8-9      29kg      Ryder PATE                          Gold
8-9      29kg      Joshua KOENIG                   Silver
8-9      32kg      Chisholm BROWN                Gold
10-11   38kg      Ryan KOENIG                      Gold
10-11   38kg      Isaac SAMARAS                  Silver
12-13   38kg      Liam CAROLAN                   Gold
12-13   42kg      Damian STOJCEVSKI         Gold
12-13   42kg      Kai BROWN                         Silver
14-15   59kg      Sean KEATING                    Gold
16-17   54kg      Atilla ERZURUMLU              Gold
16-17   69kg      Nathan McMILLAN               Gold
16-17   69kg      Michael CONSTANTINOU   Silver
16-17   76kg      Bailey MATHIESON             Gold

2014 National Youth Championships

The 2014 National Youth Champs will be held in Melbourne in September 2014. The venue will be Victoria University Ballarat Rd Footscray (the same as for the Australia Cup this year).
Because of the difficulty with Friday traffic and parking, the weigh-in will be held Saturday 20th September 3.330pm – 5.00pm and the (Scales will be available from 3.00pm)
Competition will start at 9.00am on Sunday 21st September.

For further details and procedures to enter please download the 2014NationalYouthChampionshipEntryDetails pdf file.

Comming Events

For all further details, see our website at www.wrestling.com.au

2014 National Competition Results

These are now posted on the 2014 Wrestling Calendar.

Beach Wrestling Competition, 1 July, 2014

Surfers Paradise, Queensland.
See the Wrestling Calendar for details, on the 2014 Wrestling Calendar.

Down Under Competition 4-5 July, 2014

The “Down Under” wrestling competition is being hosted by New Zealand this year.

The USA teams will be travelling to Queensland first, for a “Beach Wrestling” Competition, and then heading over to Auckland, for Weigh-in on the 3rd July, and the competition on the 4-5th July. 2014.  See the 2014 Wretling Calendar for more details.